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NID, Ahmedabad
JIIT, Solan
UPES, Dehradun
ARSD College, New Delhi
Chitkara University, Punjab
Zakir Husain College, Delhi
MIET, Meerut
Acropolis, Indore
Thapar University, Patiala
NIT Patna
NIT Rourkela



Very useful in understanding the things practically

Student, MIET Nikita Mishra

It was a good experience about learning various aspects related to project development using any micro-controller. I would like to recommend this kind of workshops for electronics enthusiasts

Coordinator, Acropolis Pratik Purohit

I am very thankful to all your team members for providing us such a great training

Student, MIET Juhi Mittal

The organizing team was so dedicated that at the end of workshop the first timers were able to fabricate (their own) PCB

Coordinator, JIIT Pushp Bajaj


It all started when, the curious, tinkering minds of India needed a place to get their hardware supplies and learn new things that they could do to please their souls.

To satiate that hunger for knowledge.

To fulfill the charm of learning science, not just from books but by the experience.

For the pleasure of making things with our own hands.

It is why ukhaad exists.

The unusual name 'ukhaad' comes from the question, that one of our mentor asks all of us before leaving the lab for the day - "Aaj kya ukhaada?" (English translation : "What did you unearth today?").


  • We aim to fulfill the needs and desires of every soul who wishes to tinker and make things. We have a strict disregard for age.


  • We aim to take building things as a hobby to every existing and aspiring engineer/ student/ child of the world.


  • For us learning happens not just through books but by experiencing. And we aim to take this kind of learning to every student.


A lot of people have been a part of ukhaad, who have contributed in various capacities for their love for electronics and building things. At present, we are a team of two millennials, both graduates from Delhi University.

The entire team at Centre for Electronics Design & Technology, NSIT, Delhi is indirectly a part of our team. They have been crucial in helping us research and develop our products.

Nidhi Sharma

Founder, Technical Head


Ayush Garg

Founder, Business Head


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