The kit contains:

  1. BeyonDuino AVR Microcontroller board
  2. MyChi (CH340G based USB to serial convertor)
  3. LCD, Navigation Switch and Buzzer expansion board
  4. AVR Duplicator board, with a set of power and connector cables
  • UserIO (LCD, Navigation Switch and Buzzer expansion board):
    This board expands the capability of the BeyonDuino by offering an LCD display, a Navigation switch used in a unique configuration, along with a buzzer for audio output. It can be used as an add-on to the main BeyonDuino board to use the whole audio-visual system in interesting applications. It comes with a box connector cable that connects it to BeyonDuino board.
  • DevProg (AVR Duplicator board):
    The AVR Duplicator board lets you burn boot-loader on a raw AVR chip so as to use it as a part of Arduino ecosystem. It comes with a box connector cable to connect it to BeyonDuino board.

Features of individual boards:

  • ¬†BeyonDuino AVR Micro-controller board:
    On board peripherals include sensors like Thermistor, Light Sensor (LDR), Potentiometer, Humidity Sensor, input switches, RTC with battery backup, EEPROM, RGB LED, an I2C expansion port, and an interface to connect an expansion board to serve any application. One can also add an external microphone amplifier to the on-board potentiometer. BeyonDuino is powered using a USB cable supplied with the kit.
  • MyChi (CH340G based USB to serial converter):
    The CH340G based bridge makes sure your PC is able to communicate with the AVR chip sitting on your BeyonDuino, since both the sides operate on different protocols. It comes with its own USB cable.