StarShipXP is a cross-platfrom motherboard, compliant with Texas Instruments' 40-pin BoosterPack Standard. This allows you to use StarShipXP with any LaunchPad Evaluation Kit which is compliant with this standard. It is a feature packed motherboard that allows you to perform over 150 interesting experiments and projects that can help you explore the capabilities of the microcontroller of your choice.

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Key Features and Capabilities:

The StarShipXP is a motherboard that comes loaded with a breadth of on-board peripherals and features as the following:

User Interface:
  • 320x240 Color Graphics LCD
  • 16x2 Character LCD
  • 16-key Keypad
  • 5-key Navigation keys
  • Buzzer
Communication Protocols:
  • UART
  • Bluetooth
  • Wi-Fi
  • I2C
  • SPI
  • Temperature (I2C digital sensor)
  • Humidity and Temperature (1-wire digital sensor)
  • Potentiometer
  • LDR
  • Thermistor
  • Microphone with Preamp
  • SD Card
  • Servo Motor
  • External Stepper and DC motor Interface
  • RTC with NVRAM & Battery Backup
  • Audio Input Left & Right Channel
  • 2-Ch DAC & Stereo Audio Output
  • 8-bit Shift Register
Unboxing the StarShipXP:

The StarShipXP Kit includes the following:

  1. StarShipXP Motherboard (1)
  2. Aux Cables (2)
  3. M/M connectors (40)
  4. Getting Started Guide for StarShipXP
Schematic and Board Layout:
  1. StarShipXP schematic file
  2. StarShipXP layout file
  3. StarShipXP Bill of Materials
Reference Material:
  1. Product Brochure
  2. Getting Started with StarShipXP Guide
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